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Our company specializes in providing comprehensive services of design and engineering in the building area, our experience of over 10 years in the market enables us to have a very broad knowledge and to develop projects of architecture, design, engineering, construction, interior design and manufacture of residential and commercial furniture.

We offer you our wide experience to ensure the provision of a program based on a rigorous program of planning and efficiency in projects, which represents great confidence and safety to our customers. Thus our commitment is to work to ensure that their projects are carried out on time and set budget.


Our design department is constantly researching and developing new trends, new materials and technologies to provide real added value and thus provide our customers with services in high levels of competitiveness.

TRIDIMENSIONAR S.A. has as mission the realization of projects of construction and renovation of any type of building, using innovative designs, financial projections and advanced technology to minimize investment risks; applying quality standards that exceed the expectations of our customers and shareholders, maximizing their profitability.

TRIDIMENSIONAR S.A. will be consolidated from the south western of Colombia, with international projection, as a specialized company in the development and execution of civil works projects to materialize the dreams of investors and property owners, offering optimal solutions supported on the integration of the areas of architecture , engineering, financial evaluation and marketing, thus ensuring the success of their investments and generating benefits and profits for its customers and creating value for its shareholders.


    • Teamwork and commitment as the foundation of our company.
    • Consideration for the customer.
    • Effectiveness, final realization of the dream of our customer.
    • Tenacity, effort and determination to achieve the objectives.
    • Integrity and endurance in our actions, always based on the truth.