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Graduate from Saint Bonaventure University, with current professional card, specific experience of eight (8) years in residence and site management. Specialized in interior design of corporate spaces, with the premise that a good working environment contributes to the construction of the overall image of the company and directly impacts the productivity and comfort of employees. Broad knowledge of technology elements such as control of environmental conditions, monitoring systems, alarm systems, fire sensors, building´s access control system, cabling infrastructure, domotics and automation to develop an efficient space, providing energy management services, safety, welfare and communication, creating an office of vanguard. Designer and project director of Espumados Group nationwide.


Graduate from Saint Bonaventure University, with current professional card, general experience of seven (7) years in residence and site management. Studies in work finishes control. Specialized in building recycling and remodeling, architectural surveys, conception and design of projects, 2D and 3D digitalization, presentation of projects, in various media, quantification and cost analysis until the construction and supervision of the same. Expert in commercial spaces design from structural development, lighting analysis assisted by software, graphic design and acoustic structure. Tutor at San Buenaventura University in Design Programming Digitalization. Participation in national design competitions where he has achieved recognition. Leader in the area of woodworking of the construction company TRIDIMENSIONAR INC., where fundamental issues are the design of furniture and equipment, tailor-made designing, providing harmony among aesthetics, functionality and quality.

Civil Engineer

Graduate from the Pontifical Xaverian University of Bogotá, with current professional card, specific experience of eleven (11) years in residence and site management. Manager of the construction company TRIDIMENSIONAR INC Specialized in the design of civil works structures. Housing coordinator of Armenia Restrepo Barco Foundation with headquarters in Armenia on the occasion of the earthquake in the same city, director of work of educational projects and Gardens Pilot Plan project and part of the reconstruction of New Brasilia.
Director of works in reinforced concrete, metal structure and containment structures. Broad experience in the construction of projects of all sizes, with knowledge in building processes, work organization, job control, budget and cost control and after-sales service; experience in the auditing of construction projects, from designs coordination to the delivery of the developed project.


Specialist in Financial Management, holds a Diploma in Conflict Negotiation of the Saint Martin University Foundation, customer service expert, university professor at the graduate level, former executive of the banking sector, business instructor at SENA, former member of the boards at FENALCO, ACOPI, QUINDÍO COMFENALCO Board and the Technical Committee of Quindio Sectional Center SENA, Expert at the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, a business consultant, former director of the Financial Management specialization at the Great Colombia University in Armenia, former private adviser of the Governor of Quindio, currently a professor at the Pontifical Xaverian University of Cali and Chief Financial Officer of the construction company TRIDIMENSIONAR, INC.

Permanent Advisers

    • Structural Engineer: Diego Mauricio Estrada
    • Attorney at Law: Carlos Espíndola. Espíndola & Associates.
    • Tax Auditor: Accountant. Adalberto Rodríguez Rengifo.
    • Insurance Agent: Attorney at Law Norma Lucía Ángel.