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Develop all work processes Tridimensionar within environments free of accidents and illnesses by promoting a culture of respect and care for the environment and through the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, Safety, Health at Work and Environment (SG-CSSTA) is the key principle that guides our organizational mission.

TRIDIMENSIONAR INC. as specialized company in the provision of comprehensive design and engineering services in the area of the construction, is oriented to the total satisfaction of its customers, providing at their disposal a wide experience and solid knowledge to ensure the rendering of a service that offers confidence and security on time and fixed budgets but above all framing its work within a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility to proffer to all areas of interest such as customers, suppliers, employees and the community in general the peace of mind that our main objective is the Safety , the preservation of the environment and the quality of life for everyone involved in the processes.

The above means that to meet the goal the company supports its policy on:
• Ensure a proper operation of the System (SG-CSSTA), through proper risk management, in order to avoid Accidents at Work, Occupational Diseases, Personal Injury, Property Damage and minimize the social and environmental impacts in the developed activity.
• Allocate the needed human, financial and economic resources to all the SG CSSTA system.
• Design, plan, manage and develop procedures to ensure a safe work environment and good environmental practices to reduce pollution in all company operations.
• Promote healthy lifestyles, a culture of self-care and awareness of environmental protection.
• Engage in fulfilling CSSTA policy to contractors, suppliers and employees at all levels.
• Comply with all applicable legal regulations in CSSTA and other requirements that the organization has voluntarily subscribed.