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Project: Gated Community “Catalana”.
Located in an area of high valuation, in Popayan (Cauca). 10-story Towers
More Info: www.catalana.com.co



Project: Building “Brisas del Ingenio”.
Multifamily building, contemporary design. 2006. 1100 square meters.




Project: Torre Versalles (Versalles Tower).
Multifamily building mixed-use planned north of Cali, near Versailles park.




Project: Urbanización Génesis (Génesis Housing Development).
Work residence, pilot project in Armenia, 474 affordable housing. Industrialized building system.




Project: Urbanización Brasilia (Brasilia Housing Development).
Residence building site, 48 dwellings.



Project: Parcelación Rozo (Rozo Parcelling).
Collaboration rural housing design in Rozo Parcelling. Kiosk house and stables.



Project: Urbanización La Morada (La Morada Housing Development).
Design and construction, dwelling house, 310 square meters.




Project: Urbanización Chorro de Plata (Chorro de Plata Housing Development).
Design and construction, dwelling house, 350 square meters.





Project: Edificio “El Cubo” (“The Cube” Building).
Design and construction, 16 apartments, 2 business premises. 1450 square meters.





Project: La Flexibilidad de los Espacios Arquitectónicos. (Flexibility of Architectural Spaces) Research paper (in Spanish) about design and flexibility of spaces with minimum dimensions, cases of rehabilitation of existing buildings and optimizing architectural spaces. (Click here FLEXIBILIDAD)