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Project: “Santa Bárbara” Mall.
Multifamily building, contemporary design. 2006. 1100 square meters. Planned in front of traditional Santa Barbara park in Guadalajara de Buga.
58 shops, food court, treatment of public space.


Project: Design Pryca Mall.
Design and construction of commercial areas of 1200 square meters in one level, recycling existing warehouses, enlargement of Events Room.




Project: Events Room.
Architectural design of Events Room in Dann Carlton Hotel, Cali.




Project: Stand design.
Stands, enclosures and trade fair events design and marketing. CORFERIAS Bogotá.
Project: Instituto Técnico Industrial.
Work residence, built area of 8797 square meters, on two levels.



Project: “Las Ramblas” Mall.
Design and adaptation of commercial space for “Spa” and Aesthetic Center. 160 square meters, Cartagena.




Project: Aleyda Osorio Store (South Shop).
Design and construction of commercial building with a construction area of 530 square meters on three floors.
Project: Espumas del Valle S.A.
Design and renovation of administrative floor, second floor “EMPORIO Building” in an area of 490 square meters.Architectural design of industrial warehouse, Presidency and Management offices, Events Room and Showroom. 2148 square meters. Cali.


Project: Espumas Medellín S.A.
Design and Construction of Administrative Floor, “EDIFICIO 43 AVENIDA” of 320 square meters area in Medellin.
Architectural Design and Management of the Industrial Plant in La Estrella (Antioquia), In an area of 13,000 square meters of construction.


Project: Espumados S.A.
Design and construction of administration floor in “EDIFICIO ARRECIFE”, ninth floor, 650 square meters area. Bogota.
Design Events Room and dining of operating personnel. 745 square meters area.

Project: Espumados del Litoral S.A.
Espumados del litoral: Office design, architectural direction and interior design of Administrative Offices, second floor. Barranquilla. 1000 square meters.
Office design, architectural direction and interior design of Presidency and Management offices. 450 square meters.
Project: Auditorio Espumados del Litoral S.A.
Design and construction of Sales and Marketing Auditorium, 180 square meters area, in Barranquilla city.


Project: Coltabaco S.A. Offices
Transformation of residential property in marketing offices, in an area of 450 square meters, in Cali city.
Project: Coltabaco S.A. Offices
Design and adaptation of marketing offices in an area of 510 square meters, in Pereira city.